with great power comes great responsibility…
alfie enoch as peter parker

So… what were you gonna tell me? You looked like you were about to say something. 


tv show vs comics: asking nicely to pull over

You felt that, right? We’re drift compatible

"You’re a kid. My kid.”



You’re just the man who kept me fed and in clothes, who sat beside me at night until I fell asleep because I was afraid of the dark, helped me with my homework. You taught me how to drive and shave, and you dropped me off at college. Sounds a lot like a dad to me.


Candice Patton for Regard Magazine (October 2014)

She is deadly gorgeous

  » “Instead of saying ‘You’re fat and you’re ugly’, I’m gonna say ‘You are the person who helped your mum out, who saved your best mate, who lives with an illness, but keeps on going.’ Me, I did all that.”

"I don’t expect you to follow me. I expect you to follow her.”